Why Ragdoll Cats Follow You (And How To Get Them To Stop)

If you’ve ever owned a ragdoll cat, you’ve probably noticed that they follow you just about everywhere.

Whether it’s around the house, into the backyard or even the bathroom, ragdolls will often act as though they’re your own personal shadow and mimic your every move.

But why do ragdolls follow you around so much?

The main reason ragdoll cats follow you around is because they want your attention and affection. Ragdoll cats are naturally curious, so by following you around, they can also learn about their environment. They may also follow you around if they’re hungry and want food.

Ragdolls are known for their sweet, docile temperaments and friendly personalities.

They have a strong bond with their owners and can become very attached to them – that’s certainly been my experience from owning one for five years – which is why they will often follow you around when you’re home.

That being said, ragdolls aren’t overly clingy – while they will seek out cuddles some of the time, they also enjoy their independence and spending time on their own.

In addition to seeking out attention and affection, ragdolls also enjoy being near familiar smells.

So, if you spend a lot of time in the bathroom (spraying on perfume, cologne or deodorant) or have an interesting scent on your clothes, your ragdoll cat may be drawn to you because of this.

The final reason your ragdoll might be following you around is because they’re hungry.

Ragdolls like routine, including being fed at the same time each day, so if you’re late giving them food it’s likely they’ll follow you round, meow at you or even headbutt you until you do.

5 reasons why ragdoll cats follow you everywhere

There are a bunch of reasons why ragdoll cats follow you around and every situation is unique. However, below I’ve listed the most common reasons why they do it.

1. They are seeking attention and affection

This is the number one reason why your ragdoll is likely following you around.

They are extremely friendly by nature and love being shown affection – whether it’s a scratch behind the ears or a belly rub (which they’re try and get by laying on their backs).

If your ragdoll is constantly following you around, it’s likely they want some love.

2. They are curious and want to learn

Ragdolls are very inquisitive cats – you’ll often find them playing with toys around the house, or even eating and sniffing grass if you let them outside into your backyard. If your ragdoll is following close behind you, it could be that they want to join you on an adventure and learn new things.

3. They feel safe and secure when they’re with you

Ragdolls can be rather timid cats – they prefer flight to fight as they don’t like confrontation – so being close to their owner lets them feel safe and secure.

You’ll often find you ragdoll might run and hide when visitors come over to your house and won’t come out until they feel confident enough to do so.

4. They are attracted to interesting smells

Ragdolls love smells, which is one of the main reasons they’ll often follow you into the bathroom (another reason is because they like playing with water).

If you’re spraying on deodorant or perfume, there’s a chance your ragdoll might poke their head into your bathroom to get a whiff.

5. They are hungry

This is another highly likely reason why your ragdoll is following you around.

If ever I’m late feeding our ragdoll, Poppie, she’ll tail me around the house until I do so.

If your ragdoll is relentlessly following you more than normal, it could be because you haven’t fed them.

How do you stop your ragdoll cat following you?

If you find your ragdoll cat is following you everywhere and it’s becoming a bit too much – and you just want some space to yourself – there are some steps you can take to help them stay away.

First, make sure that your ragdoll cat has plenty of toys at home to keep them occupied.

Providing scratching posts, cat trees and fluffy toys can keep your ragdoll distracted while you’re home and stop them following you around as much as they would without them.

Second, give your ragdoll plenty of exercise every day by playing with them or taking them on short walks (if they are comfortable doing so).

Even letting them run around in the backyard could be a good idea, so long as it’s enclosed.

This will help tire them out so that they don’t have as much energy to follow you around all day.

Finally, make sure you are providing your ragdoll with plenty of love and attention on a regular basis.

If you spend quality time with your ragdoll whenever possible, eventually they’ll get tired of it and want their own space (they value their independence) and likely leave you alone.

If your ragdoll has climbed high up onto a cupboard or shelf, there’s a good chance it’s because they want to escape the noise at ground level.

By following these simple steps, you can help keep your ragdoll cat from following you around too much.

Final message

In summary, ragdoll cats will usually follow you around if they want attention and affection; if they like your scent; or if they’re hungry.

They may also follow you around for the simple fact that they like being in your company.

There are some steps you can take to stop your ragdoll following you, as I’ve mentioned above, but for the most part, I’d suggest letting them do it and to embrace it.

It’s a great way to build a close relationship between you and your cat, which is one of the best parts about being a ragdoll owner.