8 Signs Your Ragdoll Cat Loves You (How They Show Affection)

Ragdolls are a very friendly but independent cat breed and they often display some tell-tale signs that they love you.

Some people mistakenly think that because of the way ragdolls look – cute, fluffy and cuddly – that automatically means they are super affectionate, however this isn’t always the case.

Ragdolls enjoy their own company and won’t spend their entire days fawning for your attention, which comes as a surprise to some people.

However, that doesn’t mean they don’t love their owners, because they certainly do – they just have a different way of showing it.

In this article, I’ll describe the key signs your ragdoll cat loves you, along with answer some other common questions regarding their relationships with their owners.

1. Your ragdoll will gently headbutt you

Gently headbutting you is a quirky but endearing way ragdoll cats show they love you.

Our pet ragdoll, Poppie, does it all the time when I’m watching TV on the couch – she’ll come along and gently bunt my leg with her head, as if to say ‘show me some affection, please’.

It’s never an aggressive headbutt; instead it’s more of a love tap to let me know she’s ready for cuddles.

2. Your ragdoll will roll onto its back

As I’ve explained in another article, ragdoll cats roll around on their backs for a variety of reasons, including to invite affection.

If your ragdoll walks up to you and flops onto their back, with their little paws curled up in a cute position, it means they’re showing off and hoping you might give them a belly rub as a reward.

As ragdolls aren’t always the most affectionate cats, and will spend much of their day content with their own company, it’s important to seize moments like this when they’re in a playful and loving mood.

3. Your ragdoll will curl up next to you

Again, because ragdoll cats value their independence, they’ll often do things on their own terms.

If you want them to curl up to you, chances are they’ll do the opposite just to remind you who’s the boss.

So, when your ragdoll does choose to curl up next to you – whether it’s while you’re watching TV on the couch or in bed – it’s a sign that they’re in the mood to be showered in love.

Generally, this is a great chance to give them some scratches behind the ears or a belly rub, as they’re usually content, settled and happy to be pampered.

4. Your ragdoll will purr when scratched

If when you do give your ragdoll a scratch or belly rub, your ragdoll starts purring, it means you’re doing a great job and that they’re loving it.

Purring, obviously, isn’t unique to ragdolls – almost all cats will purr when they’re happy, especially when being shown affection.

But, it’s safe to say if your ragdoll is purring when they’re around you, it means they’re enjoying your company.

5. Your ragdoll will give you kisses

Our pet ragdoll, Poppie, loves jumping up onto my wife and I when we’re laying on the couch or in bed and giving us little butterfly kisses on our faces.

Now, if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy this level of affection from your pets, that’s perfectly fine – it’s never usually a forceful move and you can quite easily push your cat away.

But most of the time, your ragdoll won’t be intruding by giving you some little love nibbles, which are definitely a sign they love you.

6. Your ragdoll will talk to you

Ragdolls can be rather chatty cats once they get to know you, and if yours regularly talks to you, it is certainly a sign they love you.

Ragdolls aren’t overly loud cats and they’ll often have different types of meows depending on what mood they’re in.

The demanding, drawn-out meows will usually indicate they’re hungry or want something, while the lighter-hearted, playful meows will indicate they’re in a playful mood and are open to receiving some affection.

If you ragdoll is meowing in the latter manner, it’s a good idea to give them a cuddle and give them the attention they’re after, as you never know when their mood might change!

7. Your ragdoll will play games with you

Another tell-tale sign your ragdoll loves you is they’ll be willing to play games with you.

In the early days of your relationship, it’s likely your cat may be a little hesitant to engage in any activities until they build trust with you.

Once they do, you’ll soon find that ragdolls are extremely fun to play with and actually behave like dogs in many ways – they’ll enjoy fetching toys or even sticks (if you let them roam outside in your backyard under supervision).

If your ragdoll is participating in these games with you, it certainly means they love you.

8. Your ragdoll will follow you everywhere

If your ragdoll cat is fond of you, it’s likely they will follow you everywhere around the house (you’ll have your own little shadow).

Now, don’t worry, ragdolls aren’t space invaders and won’t tangle themselves up in your legs as you’re trying to walk.

Instead, they will happily trail behind you as a trusting, loving personal sidekick just to be around you.

Do ragdoll cats recognise their owners?

Yes, ragdoll cats definitely recognise their owners. Ragdolls are an incredibly intelligent and perceptive breed of cat and are easily able to distinguish familiar faces from strangers – so much so that they will often imprint upon their owner.

For example, our ragdoll can recognise my wife’s car when she arrives home from work and will be waiting at the front door ready to greet her – however, when I arrive home, driving a different car, the cat isn’t anywhere near as excited.

This is because my wife has been more hands-on with our ragdoll from since she was a kitten, and they’ve developed a closer bond than I have with the cat (that’s not to say we don’t get along – they just have a tighter relationship).

Do ragdoll cats love their owners?

Yes, ragdolls cats absolutely love their owners provided they are caring, kind, show them affection and look after them well enough. If you can do these things, your ragdoll will grow to trust you and show you plenty of love.

Like most pets, if you treat them the right way, they will develop a strong love for you as their owner – much like a parent would with their children.

After all, you are their primary source of food, water, shelter and grooming – they are fully dependent on you to survive.

However, sadly, not everyone treats their pets the right way, and if you neglect your ragdoll there’s a good chance they won’t love you – and they’ll often show this by keeping their distance from you, avoiding interactions completely or, in a worse cast scenario, lash out at you if you try to pat them.

But, the overwhelming majority of ragdoll owners care for their cats, and if you can do this then your cat will almost always show you love in return.

Final message

Ragdoll cats show they love you in a variety of ways – it could be as simple as rolling around on their back and showing off, curling up next to you for cuddles, or giving you a gentle headbutt to let you know they’re ready for some affection.

As one of the friendliest, happiest and easy-going cats in the world, if you can show your ragdoll plenty of love, then the chances are they will show you plenty of love too.

And there’s nothing better than developing a close, loving bond with your pet.