17 Reasons Why Getting A Ragdoll Cat Is A Great Decision

Ragdoll cats make for wonderful pets and by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll understand why.

Of course, I’m a little biased – my wife and I have owned our pet ragdoll named Poppie for nearly six years and she is the most beautiful, well-natured cat you could ask for.

So if you’re considering adding a ragdoll cat to your own family, keep reading – in this article I’ve outlined all the reasons why doing so is a smart decision.

What makes ragdoll cats great pets?

Ragdoll cats are a great choice for people who are looking for a sweet, gentle and loving pet. They’re known for their affectionate and loyal personalities and laid-back, easy-going nature. For this reason, ragdolls are great for families who have children, or couples and single owners who want a low-maintenance cat.

Below are 17 things that make ragdoll cats the perfect pets.

1. They are gentle and calm

Ragdolls are one of the most docile, gentle and calm breeds of cat in the world.

They don’t lash out at you – and will only fight when they feel threatened – nor do they dig their claws into you when you hold them.

This makes them well-suited for families with children or for those who prefer a more laid-back feline companion.

2. They are intelligent

Don’t be fooled by their relaxed demeanour – ragdoll cats are super intelligent animals.

They are easily trainable and are very quickly learn to read your vocal and physical cues.

Our ragdoll is so smart that she can differentiate between the sounds of my car and my wife’s car (and will be waiting at the door for my wife, but not me, when she gets home from work due to their closer bond).

3. They are playful

Ragdoll cats are curious and inquisitive, making them incredibly fun to be around – so long as they’re in the mood.

While ragdolls spend much of their day resting or sleeping, there are times where they are up for playing games.

This includes fetching toys, hide and seek or even chasing laser pointers across the floor. It’s never boring owning a ragdoll cat.

4. They are affectionate

One of the reasons ragdolls make great lap cats is due to their affectionate personalities.

While ragdolls like having their own space from time-to-time, they also like cuddling up alongside you, particularly in the evenings or when watching movies.

Ragdolls will often invite affection by laying on their backs or gently head-butting you in an effort to encourage a belly rub or pat.

5. They are friendly

Ragdolls are generally very friendly, good-natured cats and get along well with other pets and people.

They’ll often greet you at the door when you return home from work, and also develop close bonds with their owners.

This often leads to ragdolls following you around the house from time-to-time, acting as your second shadow.

6. They have a long lifespan

Another thing that makes ragdolls great pets is the fact they typically live into their late teens or, in some instances, their early 20s with proper care.

Ragdolls aren’t cheap to buy – ranging anywhere from $500-$2000 USD – so it’s reassuring knowing your investment is worthwhile.

It’s also comforting to know you and your family (especially young children, if you have them) can develop close bonds with your ragdoll from when they are kittens, right through to adulthood over the course of many years.

7. They aren’t overly clingy

One of the most annoying things about cats is how clingy they are – thankfully, you won’t have this problem when owning a ragdoll.

Rather than pestering you constantly by rubbing up against your leg and constantly pleading for attention, ragdolls love their independence.

They’ll happily occupy themselves even when you’re at home and strike a great balance between showing you affection and giving you space.

 If you want a cat that gives you cuddles yet still keeps to itself, ragdolls are perfect.

8. They are relatively low-maintenance

Given how fluffy ragdoll cats are, surprisingly they are quite low-maintenance.

In terms of grooming, ragdolls have a medium-length coat that only requires weekly brushing.

It’s advisable to clean their ears bi-monthly, while incorporating dental biscuits into their diet can be a substitute for brushing their teeth monthly.

Ragdolls do shed, however, so weekly vacuuming of floors and furniture is recommended to keep your house clean.

These are the primary maintenance tasks that will keep you busy.

9. They are generally healthy

Despite being purebred cats – which can notoriously be prone to more illnesses than crossbreeds – ragdolls are generally quite healthy pets.

They can be susceptible to some feline genetic conditions, which are the luck of the draw, however most other health problems can be avoided with proper grooming and a balanced diet.

If you brush your ragdoll regularly, keep their ears, nails and teeth clean and don’t overfeed them, you should prevent most health problems.

10. They are adaptable

Ragdolls are often mistaken for being lazy and unintelligent due to their extremely laid-back nature, but they’re actually very smart and adaptable cats who can thrive in a variety of living environments.

This includes apartments and small homes – provided they have enough toys and other play things to keep them occupied when alone during the day – along with larger residences.

While I wouldn’t leave them alone for more than 48 hours, ragdolls are quite happy occupying themselves with their own company.

11. They are mostly quiet

Ragdoll cats don’t typically vocalize excessively, making them great pets for those who live in close quarters or have noise sensitivity.

While some other cats are annoyingly loud, ragdolls won’t normally be overbearing when they meow – and will usually only do so when they’re hungry or want to be let outside to play.

That said, they will purr like an engine when you give them cuddles, chin scratches or belly rubs (which they love).

12. They are “dog-like” in their behaviour

Unlike some other cat breeds, ragdolls are not at all clingy which makes them a good choice for those who want a feline companion with a more dog-like personality.

You won’t find ragdolls being a pest and rubbing themselves up against your legs at every opportunity – instead, they act more like a super-chilled puppy who’s more content lounging around and playing games.

This includes fetch (yes, our ragdoll loves collecting twigs and returning them to us), hide and seek and even chasey.

13. They have a beautiful appearance

Ragdolls are absolutely gorgeous cats and are probably the most attractive breed in the world, in my opinion.

They have beautiful, white (yet sometimes brown or black) and fluffy coats with distinctive patterns, otherwise known as ‘points’ and are often used in show competitions.

Usually, they have a black face and big, blue eyes which are arguably their trademark feature.

If you want a cat that’s visually stunning, ragdolls are the obvious choice.

14. They are generally allergy friendly

While ragdoll cats aren’t hypoallergenic, they’re generally one of the least allergenic long-haired breeds.

Ragdolls produce less of the glycoprotein Fel d 1, which is the major allergen found in cat saliva and skin glands that will cause reactions such as sneezing in humans.

Ragdolls aren’t completely allergy-free, but they may still be a good option for people with mild allergies.

15. They are low-energy

If you don’t want a high-maintenance pet, ragdoll cats are a great choice due to their easy-going, docile and low-energy nature.

Ragdolls do love to play games when they’re in the mood, but spend most of their day resting or sleeping (and sometimes climbing) until their owners arrive home from work.

Rarely will you find a ragdoll cat energetically jumping all over you seeking attention – instead, they’ll usually gently curl up next to you or climb onto you and politely try to invite a pat.

16. They can be left alone

As I mentioned early, ragdoll cats love their own company and have no problem being left alone during the day.

Provided they have a scratching post and toys to occupy them, ragdolls won’t typically scratch furniture – such as couches or sofas – meaning you don’t have to stress about your house being destroyed when you leave your cat unattended.

However, if you’re planning on being away for more than two days, it’s recommended you leave your ragdoll with a friend, family member or professional cat-sitter as they will need to be given food and have their dirty litter trays cleaned.

17. They can go outside

Ragdolls are renowned for being house cats, but what many people may not know is that they love spending time outside when given the chance.

Our pet ragdoll enjoys lounging around in the backyard when the weather is nice, nibbling away on grass and watching the birds hop from tree to tree.

However, if you are going to let your ragdoll outside, make sure the area is enclosed and any objects are removed from the fence line to prevent your cat from climbing them and escaping.

Final message

Ragdoll cats are beautiful animals with gorgeous features and playful, loving personalities.

They are low-maintenance, extremely loving and can adapt to almost all living environments.

For this reason, they are perfect for families of all sizes – including those with children – and can thrive in large houses or apartments.

If you’re considering buying a cat, make it a ragdoll. You won’t regret it.