7 Ragdoll Cat Types Explained: Complete Color And Pattern Guide

When asked to describe a ragdoll cat, most people will talk about their blue eyes, fluffy coat, large size, distinctive facial markings and ‘floppy’, laidback personalities.

But did you know there are actually 7 different types of ragdolls, all with their subtle unique appearance, color and behavioral traits?

In short, the 7 common variations of ragdoll cats are summarized in the table below:

Type of Ragdoll CatCoat ColorEye ColorPersonality Traits
Seal Point RagdollDark brown, almost black pointed coatBlueSoft and fluffy coat, relaxed and affectionate personality
Blue Point RagdollLight gray pointed coatBright blueSoft and fluffy coat, playful and affectionate personality
Flame Point RagdollCream-colored coat with reddish-orange pointsBright blueVocal personality
Blue Mitted RagdollLight gray pointed coat with white pawsBright blueSoft and fluffy coat, relaxed and affectionate personality
Blue Bicolor RagdollLight gray and white coatBluePlayful and curious personality
Lilac Point RagdollLight pinkish-gray coat with white undercoatBright blueGentle and affectionate personality
Mink RagdollVariety of colors including blue, chocolate, and lilacAquaSilky and plush coat, friendly and playful personality

This article will explain the key differences between each type to help you decide which ragdoll cat is best for you.

Ragdoll cats: A quick overview

Ragdoll cats are known for their relaxed and affectionate personalities, making them popular domestic pets.

Their long-haired and floppy appearance gives them a teddy bear-like appearance, while their characters are playful and curious, which are some one of the reasons why they’re so appealing to many would-be owners.

Basically, ragdolls are just super cute, cuddly creatures who will love you unconditionally – I know this, because I’ve owned one for more than five years, and this has been my exact experience.

Where do ragdoll cats originate from?

Ragdoll cats were first bred in the 1960s by Ann Baker, a breeder in California. She mated a long-haired cat called Josephine with another cat of either Angora, Persian or Birman descent (it’s not quite known which one).

The result was a litter that was docile, friendly, fluffy and kind – and over the years, ragdoll cats have evolved to be a variety of colors including seal, blue, flame, lilac, chocolate and mink.

When removing coat color from the equation, ragdolls are all very similar – they are large in size with a round, almost chubby face, big body and soft, silky fur.

But their most distinctive trait (aside from their beautiful blue eyes and facial markings) is their relaxed and floppy disposition, which makes them excellent companions and perfect lap cats.

Types of ragdoll cats explained

There are 7 common types of ragdoll cats, all with their subtle differences. Here’s an overview of each one.

Seal point ragdoll

Seal point ragdolls are known for their striking looks and unique coloration.

The points on their body, which include their ears, face, legs, and tail, are a dark, rich brown and sometimes black color.

Seal point ragdolls have fur that’s soft, fluffy, and luxurious, making them look like little teddy bears and they have bright blue eyes that stand out against their dark coat.

These cats are also known for their calm and affectionate personalities and their incredibly loyalty to their owners.

We own a seal point ragdoll and I can confidently say she enjoys cuddles, playing games and chasing interactive toys, but is also content just lounging around the house.

Blue point ragdoll

Blue point ragdolls are perhaps the most iconic of all the ragdoll cats.

They have a soft, fluffy, pointed coat that is a light, cool-toned gray, with blue eyes that are bright and striking.

These cats are known for their playful natures, and they love spending time with their families.

Like seal point ragdolls, they’re often described as being ‘floppy cats’, due to their tendency to relax and go limp in their owner’s arms when being held.

They’re also incredibly gentle, making them an excellent choice for owners with children.

Flame point ragdoll

Flame point ragdolls are recognized for their unique coloration, which includes a cream-colored body with reddish-orange points on their face, legs, tail, and ears.

They also have bright blue eyes that stand out against their coat, but not as much as seal point and blue point ragdolls.

Flame point ragdolls are believed to be one of the most vocal of all the ragdoll cats, and are known for their chatty and expressive personalities.

They’re also incredibly intelligent – like all types of ragdolls – and can be taught tricks and commands with enough training.

Blue mitted ragdoll

Blue mitted ragdolls have a beautiful blue-gray pointed coat, with white mittens on their front paws and white boots on their hind legs.

The white on their chin and chest often creates the appearance of a “bib”, and they still have the bright blue eyes that are the hallmark of the ragdoll breed.

The blue mitted ragdoll has a medium to large-sized body with a sturdy frame and a long, bushy tail and their coat is also long-haired, which requires regular grooming to maintain.

Overall, they’re a stunning and elegant cat, with a friendly and affectionate personality.

Blue bicolor ragdoll

Blue bicolor ragdoll cats have a distinctive and striking appearance.

They have a light gray or blue coat with white markings on their face, chest, belly, legs, and feet.

The white markings may vary in size, with some cats having a lot of white and others having less.

Their coat is medium-length, soft, and fluffy, and they have large, bright blue eyes that are set widely apart and give them a sweet, innocent expression.

The nose and paw pads of blue bicolor ragdolls are also pink, which adds to their charming appearance.

Lilac point ragdoll

Lilac point ragdolls have a light pinkish-gray coat – similar to the color of a lilac plant, hence the name – with a white undercoat.

Their points, which include their face, ears, legs, and tail, are also a light pinkish-gray, and their nose leather and paw pads are a lavender-pink color.

Lilac point ragdolls have bright blue eyes, which are almond-shaped and slightly slanted, and their coat is soft and silky to the touch and is medium-to-long in length.

They have similar physical characteristics to other ragdoll cats, including a sturdy, muscular build and a soft, plush coat.

Mink ragdoll

Mink ragdoll cats have a unique, beautiful appearance and a silky, plush coat that comes in a variety of colors, including blue, chocolate, and lilac.

This wide variation in colors is the main thing that sets minks apart (and most black ragdolls are mink too).

Their coat is denser than other ragdolls and the fur on their face, ears, tail, and legs is darker than the rest of their coat, which gives them a striking appearance.

Mink ragdolls also have large, aqua-colored eyes, rather than bright blue, which are very expressive and pretty.

Which type of ragdoll cat is best?

Deciding on which type of ragdoll cat is best purely comes down to your personal preference regarding appearance. If you love bright colors, you might like a lilac point ragdoll. If you love striking blue eyes, you might rather a seal point ragdoll. All ragdolls have similar personalities, so your choice depends solely on looks.

While each type of ragdoll looks different, their characters don’t vary all that much – they’re all friendly, fun, affectionate and are fantastic family cats.

Of course, they’ll have their own unique quirks (for example, our cat Poppie LOVES playing with nail files), but in general ragdolls are happy-go-lucky cats that are often described as ‘puppy-like’ due to their playfulness.

Final message

Ragdoll cats are a popular domestic breed known for their gentle and affectionate personalities.

They’re available in a variety of types including seal, blue, flame, blue mitted, blue bicolor, lilac and mink – all of which come in heaps of different colors and shades.

Regardless of their appearance, all ragdolls make for great pets due to their docile, friendly and playful nature so no matter which type you choose, you’re going to get a cute and cuddly companion to add to your family.