How Big Do Ragdoll Cats Get? Size Guide For Males And Females

Ragdoll cats are known for being larger in size than other cats, with their friendly and caring nature making them ‘gentle giants’.

But how big can ragdoll cats actually get?

The average ragdoll cat is typically 17-21 inches (43-53 centimetres) in length and weighs between 10-20 pounds (4-9 kilograms), with males tending to be larger and heavier.

These characteristics make ragdolls one of the biggest cat breeds in the world when it comes to size, with the Maine Coon being of similar dimensions and a popular alternative for would-be owners due to their similar traits and temperament.

In this article, I’ll go into more detail about how big both male and female ragdolls get, along with comparing their size to other large cat breeds.

How big do male ragdoll cats get?

Male ragdoll cats typically grow to be 18-22 inches (45-55 centimetres) in length and 9-11 inches (22-28 centimetres) in height, on average. This is excluding their tail. Male ragdolls usually weigh anywhere between 15-20 pounds (6.8-9.1 kilograms).

As you can see, male ragdoll cats get to be quite large when fully grown – it usually takes anywhere up to four years for them to reach complete maturity.

Of course, these sizes will vary – like humans, some male ragdolls will grow to be larger than others – but this is a decent estimate about what to expect if you’re considering buying one.

Male ragdolls may, due to their size, also need to consume more food to maintain their larger, heavier frames – which carries more muscle than females – so this another factor you need to weigh up if you’re thinking of adding one to your family.

How big do female ragdoll cats get?

Female ragdoll cats typically grow to be 17-20 inches (43-50 centimetres) in length and 8-10 inches (20-25 centimetres) in height, on average. This is excluding their tail. Female ragdolls usually weigh anywhere between 10-15 pounds (4.5-6.8 kilograms).

Like most animals, female ragdolls will generally be smaller in size than males when it comes to length, height and weight.

One of the benefits of owning a female ragdoll cat versus a male one is they tend to eat less, due to their slimmer frames – which may help you save on food costs in the long run, especially if you own more than one ragdoll.

Similarly, while all ragdolls are docile and friendly regardless of sex, female ragdolls tend to be less domineering than male ragdolls and may do better if you already have other cats in your house (especially ones that are a different breed).

How long does it take for ragdoll cats to grow to full size?

Ragdoll cats usually take around four years to be fully grown. This is four times as long as a regular short-haired domestic cat, which typically reaches full maturity in just one year. Unlike many other cat breeds, ragdolls grow in spurts, which is why they take longer to fully develop.

Ragdolls are often described as ‘puppy’ cats due to their playful, friendly nature which can be attributed to the fact they don’t completely mature for the first four years of their life (which for some ragdolls can be anywhere from a third to half of their total life expectancy).

With these kitten tendencies hanging around for longer, it makes ragdolls extremely fun to be around as they remain playful and inquisitive further into adulthood than some other breeds might.

Are ragdolls bigger than normal cats?

Yes, ragdolls are bigger than most other cat breeds. Ragdolls are one of the largest domestic cat breeds in the world when it comes to size. Yet, despite their large appearance, ragdolls are some of the most docile, friendly, loving types of cats.

The origin story of where ragdolls get their size from can be traced right back to California in the 1960s, where a woman named Ann Baker allegedly began breeding her Persian/Angora cat named Josephine with a range of other cats including Birman and Burmese varieties.

Each of the breeds mentioned are bigger than the average short-haired cat and so their genes were passed on to ragdolls over the following decades.

But while ragdolls are bigger than most cats, they are also arguably the most placid – which may come as a surprise to some people.

Many would-be owners may think ragdolls might be destructive due to their size, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In my experience of owning a ragdoll cat for more than five years, I can say they are extremely well-behaved – they rarely scratch furniture (especially if you train them not to from an early age), they don’t cling to you, they are independent, but they also enjoy cuddles from time to time.

Essentially, they are the perfect lap cat for all the above reasons, despite them being bigger than most other cats.

Are ragdoll cats bigger than Maine Coons?

No, ragdoll cats are not bigger than Maine Coons. An average-sized Maine Coon varies anywhere from 19-32 inches in length (48-81 centimetres), which is considerably larger than the average-sized ragdoll that is much smaller at 17-21 inches (43-53 centimetres) in length.

Not only that, Maine Coons are typically heavier than ragdolls – usually weighing in between 10-22 pounds (4-10 kilograms) versus 10-20 pounds (4-9 kilograms).

While the origin story of Maine Coons are unknown, some speculation is that they are descendants of Norwegian forest cats or Siberian forest cats, which would explain their large size.

Both cats have similar personalities, so when deciding between the two it really comes down to appearance and whether you want a really big cat versus a slightly less big cat.

Ragdoll cats size versus other breeds

If you’re unsure about whether or not a ragdoll cat is too big for you – or if you’re curious as to how they stack up in size compared to some other breeds – then I’ve just the thing for you.

Below, I’ve prepared an easy-to-read table based on data from The Spruce Pets, which explains exactly how big ragdoll cats are versus other large breeds (note: length is excluding a cat’s tail).

BreedLength (in)Height (in)Weight (lb)
Maine Coon19-3210-1610-22
Norwegian Forest12-189-129-16
American Bobtail17-199-107-16

How much do ragdoll cats weigh?

A healthy, adult male ragdoll cat should weigh between 15-20 pounds. A healthy, female ragdoll cat should tip the scales at a slightly lighter number, between 10-15 pounds. If your ragdoll is within these weight ranges, it suggests they are in good health and you are feeding them correctly.

It’s important not to overfeed ragdolls as excessive weight gain could put your cat more at risk of the various heart conditions that can sometimes affect this breed.

If you follow the food guide that I’ve detailed in another article here, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Similarly, if you’re unsure how best to weigh your ragdoll (especially if you can’t afford to buy a set of pet scales), then I’ve also explained some alternative methods you can try in a separate article here.

Final message

Ragdolls are known as one of the largest cat breeds in the world when it comes to size – both length, height and weight.

It’s widely accepted the Maine Coon is the only other type of cat that is bigger.

However, despite their size, ragdolls are considered ‘gentle giants’, with their loving, docile and friendly demeanour making them wonderful companions and pets.