Do All Ragdoll Cats Have Blue Eyes? The Answer May Surprise You

Ragdoll cats are best known for their beautiful blue eyes.

it’s one of their defining character traits – alongside their friendly, easy-going temperament, ‘puppy-like’ personalities and soft, white, fluffy fur – which sets them apart from other breeds.

But the question you likely want answered as a potential ragdoll buyer or owner is: do all ragdolls have blue eyes?

No, not all ragdoll cats have blue eyes. Some ragdolls will have green or yellow eyes, while others, in rare cases, may actually having two different colored eyes.

Typically, blue-eyed ragdolls are purebred and of the seal point variety, while those with other eye colors potentially are mixed breed or a different type of ragdoll.

However, the only true way to check your cat’s lineage is through consulting a reputable breeder or getting a DNA test.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about ragdoll cats’ eye color.

Why do ragdoll cats have blue eyes?

Ragdoll cats are born with blue eyes due to a lack of melanin, which determines their color until around three months after their birth. Ragdolls with a traditional pointed pattern will typically retain their blue eyes into adulthood, while other coat types may not.

There are also a several other theories as to why ragdoll cats have blue eyes.

One theory is the blue eyes are caused by a genetic mutation – after all, the origin story of the ragdoll, which begins in the 1960s, suggests the breed was created by mixing a Persian/Angora type with either a Birman or Burmese-type.

It is thought that one of these cats had the Siamese point coloration, which is responsible for the ragdoll breed’s blue eyes.

Another theory is the blue eyes are due to inbreeding. However, there is no concrete scientific evidence to support either of these two theories.

It’s also thought the blue eyes may be due to a recessive gene. This means both parents must carry the gene for their kitten to have blue eyes.

Lastly, some cats have a recessive albinism gene, which always means they’ll have blue eyes – whether ragdolls carry this gene is unclear, however it could explain their tendency to have blue eyes more often than not.

Can ragdoll cats have different colored eyes?

Ragdoll cats’ eye color can vary even within littermates, with some having both blue eyes and others having one blue eye and one green or yellow eye. If you’re looking for a ragdoll with only blue eyes, you may want to consult with a breeder to see what kittens are available.

Heterochromia is a condition in which a cat – or any animal, for that fact – has two different colored eyes.

This can occur naturally, or it can be caused by an injury.

While it’s not overly common, ragdolls have been known to suffer from heterochromia in some rare instances, resulting in their eyes being different colors.

This can give your ragdoll unique character, however some breeders – or people who own ragdolls purely for the purpose of showing and parading them at competitions – may see heterochromia as a deformity.

Are blue-eyed ragdoll cats more expensive?

Yes, ragdoll cats with blue eyes are generally purebred, meaning they are more expensive than those with different colored eyes (which may be a result of cross-breeding). As heterochromia may be viewed as an imperfection, ragdolls with the condition may sell for less money.

The most expensive ragdoll cats are the ones with tidy markings and ‘perfect’ features who can be used as show cats, or breeding cats.

The less imperfections a ragdoll has, the higher price they are likely to fetch – and having matching blue eyes is certainly a contributing factor to this.

Generally, ragdolls with pure blue eyes will sell for higher than ones with matching green or gold eyes – while cats with two different colored eyes will usually be heavily discounted for the reasons mentioned above.

If you’re not in the business of showing or breeding cats and don’t care about eye color, ragdolls with non-blue eyes will still make for wonderful, loving pets.

Final message

Ragdoll cats are best known for their beautiful blue eyes, however not all ragdolls have them.

Some are born with green or gold-colored eyes and in rare instances, they may even have two different colored irises.

While blue eyes are a sign of a purebred ragdoll and may impact price, your cat will still be healthy and make for a great pet regardless of what color their eyes are.