Can Ragdoll Cats Jump Fences? 7 Tips To Climb-Proof Your Yard

If you’re planning on letting your ragdoll cat roam outside, you’ll want to know whether or not they can jump fences.

Ragdolls aren’t typically known for their athleticism – they’re usually viewed by most people as laid-back and even lazy, such is their calm, easy-going demeanour.

But are all these character traits misleading? Can ragdolls jump fences as well as other cat breeds?

Yes, they can. Ragdoll cats can be quite agile, if they choose to be, and can jump over tall fences with relative ease – especially if they can use nearby objects as a step up. This can be inconvenient and dangerous if your cat escapes, especially if you live in a busy neighbourhood.

Ragdolls certainly enjoy climbing – either for leisure, or to escape the hustle and bustle that can occur every day in the home.

It’s not unusual to see ragdolls perched atop cupboards or shelves, away from people, to try and get some peace and quiet (at least, that’s what my cat does).

It’s not a stretch then to believe that ragdolls certainly have the ability to jump over fences, when they’re in the mood to.

How high can ragdoll cats jump?

Ragdoll cats can jump relatively high and can clear fences of up to five feet without much difficulty. This can be a problem if you are trying to keep your ragdoll from straying away from home, especially if you like to let them outdoors from time-to-time.

Ragdolls are domesticated, indoor cats so their natural reflexes and muscles certainly aren’t as tuned as cat breeds who spend most of their time outdoors.

Because of this, their vertical leap won’t be as big as other cats.

However, ragdolls are definitely good at climbing and if you leave objects – such as chairs, gardening tools, etc – leaning against a fence, there’s every chance your ragdoll will use them as a step ladder en route to freedom.

How can I stop my ragdoll cat jumping fences?

It can be very difficult to stop a curious ragdoll cat from attempting to jump your fence but with proper precautions, you can make sure they stay safe and secure within your property.

If the height of the fence is an issue, consider installing higher fencing or using lattice panels to increase the height.

Also make sure that any outdoor structures such as decks or balconies have secure railings so your cat can’t climb them and use them as a step ladder to leap the fence.

Finally, ensure that there are no trees near the fence line that can be used as climbing aids.

7 ways to stop ragdoll cats jumping fences

By taking the below precautions, you can ensure your ragdoll remains safe and secure within the boundaries of your property.

1. Install a fence that is tall enough

The height of the fence required can vary depending on how active and agile your ragdoll cat is.

A minimum of six feet should be sufficient, but if you can go higher, do it. A tall fence is the best defence against your ragdoll escaping.

However, if you’ve already got a perfectly good fence in your yard and don’t wish to install a new one, some of the other options on this list may be more cost-effective.

2. Top the fence with lattice or something similar

This will make it harder for your ragdoll to gain traction when attempting to jump over your fencing.

Lattice, or some other material that can be fixed atop the fence line, will add extra height but also stop your cat being able to get a foothold to launch themselves over the top.

3. Put some rollers along the top of the fence line

If you’re keen to get really create, fixing rollers atop the fence line is another way to prevent your ragdoll getting any traction when they attempt to climb.

This can deter your cat from being able to climb onto and over it.

Personally, it’s probably easier mounting extra lattice rather than rollers, but it’s still a viable option.

4. Ensure there are no low-lying trees or objects close by

This is a super easy, yet super important step you can take to stop your cat escaping from your yard.

Ragdolls like to climb and will use any low-lying object – whether it be a chair, a tree branch or even a stack of old boxes – to help give them a boost up and onto the fence.

To prevent this, make sure there are no objects left close to your fence line, otherwise it’s inviting your ragdoll to climb them.

5. Invest in cat-proof netting

Netting or mesh can be installed along the top of your existing fencing to prevent your ragdoll from escaping.

This method is commonly used when trying to create an enclosed outdoor area, or cattery, for your ragdoll to play in – usually the netting would attach from the top of the fence to the wall, or gutter, of your house.

This will certainly work to keep your ragdoll safe.

6. Use deterrent sprays or scents around the perimeter

Using deterrent sprays or scents on the inside of the fence can act as a repellent against your ragdoll trying to jump over it in search for freedom.

Just as they work to stop your cat scratching your furniture, deterrent sprays are great for keeping your cat away from a certain area or object.

You may need to reapply it relatively regularly to your fence, particularly after it rains, to ensure the scent remains strong enough to have an effect.

7. Install motion detectors and lights

Fitting motion detectors and lights on the outside of the fence, or from your house, that can be triggered when your ragdoll begins to climb will startle them into retreating down.

Obviously, this method is only applicable if you’re letting your ragdoll roam outdoors at night time, which is unlikely given they’re an indoor cat.

When it’s dark, it’s probably unlikely you’ll let your cat out for play-time.

By following these tips you can ensure your beloved ragdoll cat stays safe and secure inside the yard, rather than climbing over your fence and into the unknown on the other side.

Final message

By understanding how can ragdoll cats can jump fences, you can take the necessary steps to ensure they are safely contained in your yard while they enjoy their outdoor time.

While ragdoll cats can climb over fences if they set they mind to it, it is possible minimise this risk by installing the appropriate fencing and using common sense when it comes to cat-proofing your property.

Following some of the steps detailed in this article will make it hard – near impossible – for your ragdoll to climb your fences.