Why Ragdolls Are Perfect Lap Cats (And Make For Great Company)

If you’re looking for a lap cat, you’ll struggle to find a breed better than the ragdoll.

As someone who, admittedly, wasn’t a big cat lover for a long time (mainly due to allergies, which I’ve since grown out of), it wasn’t until my partner and I got our first ragdoll, Poppie, together that I truly developed a big soft spot for these friendly felines.

Having grown up with dogs in the house, I was always under the impression that cats were extremely clingy, mainly due to my past encounters with some tabby breeds that simply would not leave me alone and repeatedly sought attention.

However, my perceptions changed completely when we brought Poppie into our lives, and it wasn’t long before I realised ragdoll cats were different.

Ragdoll cats are the perfect lap cats because they are affectionate, without being clingy. They will happily curl up next to you and keep you company, yet still enjoy their space. When they have had enough affection, they will wander off and leave you in peace.

The best thing about ragdolls is that while they enjoy being cuddled, they also enjoy their independence – much more so than other cat breeds, in my experience.

They strike a great balance between being affectionate, without being annoying.

In this article, I’ll explain my top reasons why I believe ragdolls are the perfect lap cats.

Are ragdolls considered lap cats?

Yes, ragdolls are considered lap cats. A ‘lap cat’ is a term used to describe cuddly, affectionate cats who enjoy curling up in their owner’s lap, which is exactly what ragdolls love to do.

If you decide to buy a ragdoll cat – or even a pair of ragdoll cats – you can almost guarantee yourself some nice nights cuddled up in front of the TV, covered by a rug with your cute companion/s nestled quietly beside you.

That’s one of the many reasons why ragdolls are great lap cats, and below I’ll elaborate on some more.

6 reasons why ragdolls are great lap cats

They are affectionate, without being annoying

The thing I love most about ragdoll cats is they give you the best of both worlds – they enjoy being cuddled and played with, but equally like being left alone.

While some other cat breeds are horribly annoying and will follow you around the house all day and night, ragdolls will keep their distance and only come and say ‘hello’ when they’re in the mood for some affection.

This strikes a great balance between the pet and owner dynamic, leading to quality time versus quantity of time.

They aren’t clingy

As I’ve mentioned a number of times, I really dislike clingy cats, which is why ragdolls are such a great breed.

They enjoy their independence, meaning you don’t have to worry about keeping them entertained all the time – they’ll happily find ways to keep themselves occupied (whether it’s sleeping or doing ‘zoomies’ up and down the hallway).

They are gentle

Honestly, ragdolls are some of the gentlest cats in the world.

I’m not sure whether it’s their big bushy coat, big blue eyes or just personality in general, but they certainly are some of the most docile creatures you can imagine.

They’ll talk to you, gently paw at your face when you’re giving them cuddles, and even their meows have a softness to them.

You really won’t find a gentler cat breed than the ragdoll.

They love watching TV

I’m not sure if this relates only to our cat, but Poppie absolutely loves watching TV.

She’ll sit silently on the end of the bed while we’re watching Netflix, captivated by what’s on the screen.

This may be a cat thing in general, but our ragdoll absolutely loves watching TV – and it’s nice to curl up watching movies as one big happy family (without being interrupted by annoying meows).

They are warm

If you’ve ever held a ragdoll, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I say they’re like cuddling a big, warm, furry ball of fluff.

Unlike short hair breeds, which aren’t as pleasant to curl up next to, ragdolls are naturally soft and loveable – perfect for owners who enjoy extra affection.

Honestly, I really did not enjoy holding cats until we got Poppie; now, rarely a day goes by where I won’t pick her up and give her a big squeeze – I mean, how could you not!?

They don’t shed too much hair

While ragdoll cats are renowned for their trademark white, bushy fur coat, you’d be surprised by how little they actually shed.

While short-haired breeds leave lots of annoying, individual strands of hair everywhere, ragdolls’ hair is so thick that it tends to clump together when it falls out, making it much easier to clean up.

All you need is a good quality fur removal brush, and you’ll have no problem getting rid of any excess ragdoll hair from your clothing, furniture or bedding (meaning you can cuddle them as much as you like!).

Do ragdoll cats like being cuddled?

Yes, ragdoll cats like being cuddled – but only for short periods. Anyone who has held a ragdoll cat knows they enjoy it for a while, but soon will become restless and will want to be released onto the ground. Petting your ragdoll while they lay alongside you is the best way to cuddle them for longer.

Because ragdolls are so cute and fluffy, it’s hard to resist the urge to pick them up and give them a big squeeze – we certainly can’t help ourselves sometimes with Poppie.

However, while she’ll usually enjoy it at first, it won’t be long until she starts to squirm and wriggle and do her best to get free.

If you’re looking for some longer cuddles, I definitely recommend letting your ragdoll nestle up to you on the couch, or when you’re in bed, as they’ll be much happier doing so and will likely keep you company for longer as a result.

Are ragdoll cats clingy?

While ragdolls are affectionate, I wouldn’t call them ‘clingy’. Yes, ragdolls enjoy attention from their owners, however they don’t tend to linger and constantly brush up against you like some other cat breeds. Ragdolls are actually one of the more independent cat breeds, which is one of their appealing traits.

A common sentiment shared by ragdoll owners is that ‘they’re more like dogs, than cats’.

The reasons many people say this is because ragdolls do tend to leave you alone more than other cat breeds, in a way a dog might (they also like fetching sticks and pieces of bark as a game when you supervise their outdoor time!).

So, while ragdolls are affectionate, they are certainly not clingy.

Are ragdolls the most affectionate cat breed?

Ragdolls are certainly one of the most affectionate cat breeds, however they also value their independence. Ragdoll cats are just as happy cuddling up to their owners as they are sleeping alone on the end of your bed. It all depends on whether they feel like companionship, or alone time.

As I mentioned earlier, ragdolls have two very distinctive parts to their personality – on one side they like curling up next to you and receiving pats, while on the other side they enjoy spending time on their own away from humans.

It’s important to ‘read the room’ and determine what kind of mood your ragdoll is in before you go razzing them up with pats, otherwise you might find yourself on the receiving end of a gentle paw swipe.

I found this out the hard way one time when Poppie had made it very clear she no longer wanted a belly rub, and gave me a quick ‘bop’ to the back of my head to tell me to ‘bugger off’ and leave her alone.

Final message

Ragdolls are perfect lap cats because while they love affection, they also love their alone time – meaning you won’t be stuck having to show them attention 24/7.

They will happily curl up alongside you when watching a movie, but when you’ve had enough, there’s a fair chance they will have as well.

You’ll both be able to part ways for a while, before reuniting next time you’re both in the mood for a cuddle.